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The Health Insurance Medic| Eddyville, Ky

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

I help individuals, families, and small businesses with affordable health, dental, and vision coverage in KY, KS, MI, OH, SC, and TX.

I specialize in helping individuals and families, including the self-employed, who does not have an employer contributing towards their health insurance premiums. There are many types of health coverage options available outside of an employer, so I take the approach of evaluating your current situation and recommend which options may best fit your needs. There is never a charge for a consultation.

Working for a small company that does not offer health benefits?

In between jobs?

Retired before eligible for Medicare?

1099 contract workers?


Income too high to qualify for tax credit/subsidy on the Marketplace?

Feel you are overpaying for COBRA?

Looking for a PPO to see any doctor or hospital?

Contact Brandon Vagts


Email: brandon.vagts@ushadvisors .com

Facebook: The Health Insurance Medic

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